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Your Mom’s Favorite Pop Culture Blog

Thank you for your interest in programming at the IFMiB Institute!

I Fry Mine In Butter (IFMiB) is a pop culture blog operated by academics and professionals in the fields of television, film, music, books, and art.  Since 2010, we’ve published numerous papers on these topics by respected members of the snarkosphere, and decided to use the library of encyclopedic knowledge for public service.

We now offer dozens of certificates and degrees1 in pop culture, available to anyone for free, as long as they are willing to put in the long hours waiting for the netflix browser to buffer, cleaning out the DVR of recorded shows, and hitting refresh on that comment thread again and again and again. We want to prepare the next generation of pop culturists, by helping you take what you’re already doing, and turn it into a reward for doing it.

Ok, for real, we’re just your mom’s favorite pop culture blog, dealing in deep cuts, semi-esoterica, and LOLs.

1: Please note: we are accredited by nobody. For entertainment purposes only, not for human ingestion.

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