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Commenter of the Week

The Winner Takes It All

Here at IFMIB we really love our commenters, particularly those who play by the rules and bring LULZ on the real. In order to “give back” and I suppose in some ways give it up for ourselves we proudly showcase the best of our sycophants each weekend with something we like to call COMMENTER OF THE WEEK.

  • What does this honor entail?
    Commenting! Lots of comments that actually allow us to connect an icon to the daily doses of witticism. Each week – probably while Snarky writes a blizzard of entries for one of her other blogs – she will nominate a community member for the award. Then this special person will awake on one morning – or evening, no judgment here – to find their name (possibly misspelled) in lights with five or six of their most fantagical comments listed below. In addition to link love, we’ll say something nice about you! Oh and you’ll be forever immortalized on this here page!

  • How can I lock down my win?
    Again it comes down to commenting. Good, high fiber, anti-oxidant rich comments! Also you’ll better your odds tremendously by NOT segregating yourself to a particular contributor or a particular type of post. If you’re only showing your love on rant style posts or one contributor, you are NOT the embodiment of “Commenter of the Week”.

  • Are there prizes?
    What? Dude, we’re WRITERS. Half of us probably don’t have comprehensive health care. You need to get up on out of here with that “prizes” noise. Do you see Howie Mandel listed as a contributor?

Award Recipients

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