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I Fry Mine In Butter is a pop culture blog written by a bunch of really cool, critically consciously, lapstivists. We are generally easy going folks and want you to have a good time, but before you start blowing our minds with your extensive pop culture knowledge check out our comment policy…

  • All initial comments are held in moderation, pending approval. Once we determine you are not an assclown your comment will be made visible and the world will feast on your brilliance. That said we are not obligated to post your comments. This is our house and we’re not required to open the door for every single person who knocks. We post comments we like, feel contribute productively to the conversation or engage the topic in a thoughtful way.
  • Comments containing racist, sizeist, sexist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, classist or any other -ism not list here will be deleted. Constructive debates are welcome, but ad hominem attacks are NOT. Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to be witty, profound and thought provoking without using problematic language or trollish tactics.
  • Questions regarding comments or to report an offensive comment, click here.
  • We reserve the right to edit, mock or spam your comment, especially if you behave like a jerk. Don’t be this guy who had his comment hilariously mocked and published by one of our moderators.
  • Be mindful that people have varying levels of comfort with language usage and subject matter. That said, folks are gonna need to manage their own emotional/mental health, triggers and reactions. So when you’re about to go all ragey cause someone dissed your favorite obscure French Disco artist, you might want to step back, open a new tab and look at some lolcats.

Bottom line: try not to be an assclown. Flamewars are so ’99.

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