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IFMiB Faculty

Snarky’s Machine – Dean of Pop Culture Studies

Snarky's Machine Ange believes Jessica Fletcher killed most of those people and speaks fluent Lebowski. When Ms. Machine is not executing her duties as Dean of Pop Culture Studies she enjoys talking back to the television and rearranging the contents of her Fight Club fridge. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing, took first prize in the 1983 hotly contested Iraklion Air Station Fire Prevention Week poster contest and never misses an opportunity to dress like Uhura.

A. Raymond Johnson – Department Chair

A. Raymond Johnson received his MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University and his BA in Environmental Science from Northwestern University. He has performed professionally as DJ BoyWonder and unprofessionally as the drag queen CeCe Wonder.  Areas of research include: novels-turned-into-films, adult contemporary pop music, queer studies, depictions of faux science, white people, zen buddhism, and reality television shows that teach heteronormativity. His full pop-culture publication CV is located here and you can follow more of his work as @raymondj on Twitter.

p0plife – Associate Professor
p0plife is an art school drop-out with a punk head and a pop heart. She believes wholeheartedly in the Creative Commons movement and lemon meringue pie. You can find some of her works on paper at She lives in Oregon where she writes about and sells wine so she can buy more records and paint. All correspondence should be addressed to noisyspoon at yahoo dot calm or here: [contact p0plife]


Guest Lecturer

Pop Scribblings is a writer, editor and an avowed pop culture addict with an MFA degree in creative writing. She’s not sure what this means, except for the fact that she wishes she spent as many hours reading books as she devote to watching television. The bright side of all of thjs immersion is that she has been interviewed as a pop culture expert by a variety of media outlets (portfolio) including CNN, E! Online, the Christian Science Monitor. [contact Pop Scribblings]

Director of IT Systems

redlamiRedlami long ago bombed out of a Ph.D. program and is now a tech geek whose day job involves turning numbers into stories. In his spare time he occasionally likes to write about other stuff, like circular food and riding the bus. [contact Redlami]

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