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May Brings Allergies and More TV Show Cancellations

May 13, 2011

Cast of NBC's The Event reacting to the news. Another casualty of the Blair Underwood curse.

FOX was the first to take an ax to its under-performing roster of shows and now NBC and ABC have rolled up their sleeves and done the same. No surprises: The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles were some of the shows jettisoned from NBC’s schedule. Chuck received a paltry 13 episode final season order, which I’m sure will still cause its loyal, small (highly coveted demographic group) fanbase to complain. Overall, things are looking pretty grisly for the big four networks. The viewership numbers just aren’t there, as other entertainment options lure away sometimey fans and the rapidly vanishing casual viewers.

But there’s more bad news. Firstly, the existing shows aren’t turning in blockbuster numbers. The procedural, which has seen its fortunes reversed thanks to an market saturated with un-tasty fakes, spinoffs and high concept premise hybrids, suffered another blow when CSI’s recent season finale posted the lowest viewership numbers in the show’s history. All year long we’ve been speculating on how the end of the 2010-2011 season would play out:

Saved for now:

Better With You, Chase, The Defenders, The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Outsourced, Raising Hope, Undercovers

Don’t get real attached to any of these shows. Many will likely finish out the season quietly and be canceled with little to no fanfare. Practice your pretend surprise faces now!

Wait, how many of those are still left? Oh that’s right there are two or three on life-support and the rest are gone.

It almost doesn’t matter what shows networks are taking to series especially when it seems like most of them will be axed by this time next year!

Fry Butt’s own Pop Scribblings already has an eye towards next year’s roster of failed shows! What shows did you think would be spared? Which shows were you surprised to hear were still airing? Personally, I thought The Event had been cancelled ages ago!

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