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Grey’s Anatomy Season 7: Episodes 14 – 21

May 13, 2011

7×14 – “PYT (Pretty Young Thing)”

One thing that both amuses and annoys me about Grey’s Anatomy is how the song in the title of the episode rarely makes an appearance in the episode. anyhoo…Meredith took a gamble on her mother’s legacy. While it seemed as though she was setting aside to allow the Chief the closure he’s clearly seeking from Ellis, I think it was interesting that she opted not to continue her mother’s work, given much of her self concept is wrapped up in Ellis Grey’s opinion of her. Still, it demonstrated some growth on her part, though after the fuss she made to join McDreamy’s study last week it seemed a waste of story arc. Now Callie asserting herself with Mark and Arizona; that was amazing. Lexie and Mer’s dad shows up with the titular “pretty young thing” by his side whom Lexie believes is nothing more than a mild life crisis with a pair of tits. I thought this was another example of how Grey’s struggles when portraying relationships the characters find odd. While it’s true that Lexie would have that kind of response, the classism made it pretty difficult to care about her feelings on the topic. I was kind of stunned that Meredith’s lecture wasn’t more of a smackdown. Avery attempts to pitch woo to Teddy and gets shot down and threatened with professional sanction. Oops, I guess those pretty blue eyes can’t make everything right.

7×15 – “Golden Hour”
I found it interesting that Meredith was able to spot neurological traumas a mile away, while another patient’s aorta shredded in the cat scanner! Also, when did Meredith become a trauma specialist? Certainly, she was good, but wasn’t trauma April’s thing? The child with a broken leg scanned a bit false to me. Where was social services? Where were the nurses separating the child from the parents until they could ascertain whether or not the injuries sustained were a result of abuse? An injury that severe in a child, particularly requiring surgery, sends warning bells to ER workers who practice defensive medicine in order to cover their backsides. The chief hadn’t had much of a storyline this season—other than getting his job back—and I was wondering when we would begin to explore his life. Of course, it would have been nice if it had under better circumstances. Derek walks in on Bailey and Eli in the throes of passion and is scarred by the event. I guess he doesn’t remember when Bailey caught him and Meredith banging in the backseat of his car. Their sexcapade in the car interfering with Bailey’s attempt to back her car out of Meredith’s driveway.

7×16 – “Not Responsible”

Attention disabled folks: we are not to love each other unless expressly permitted to do so by Dr. Teddy Altman! Meredith has to choose between pumping herself full of babymaking hormones and being able to see during surgery. Personally, I’ll pick whatever options doesn’t involve killing patients due to shifting vision. But that’s just me. Mark and Arizona are bullying Callie into acquiescing to their natal demands, which is curious, since Callie is the one who’s knocked up. It’s a difficult to parse what this episode’s trying to do; it’s all over the place, but given it’s midway through the season, its sagginess and slightly dull storylines are just par for the course for most episodic television shows with really loooong seasons.

7×17 – “This is How We Do It”

Each relationship had an interesting movement, but by far my favorite was between Owen and Christina. When did I start liking Owen so darn much? I found the interplay between the two characters and the romantic chemistry finally starting to gel. I especially liked Christina’s reaction upon discovering Owen would be selecting Chief Resident. It was unexpected and demonstrated a level of maturity that Christina hadn’t really displayed before. Not so much the freaking out, but realization that it was something TO freak out about. What kind of nurse/patient ratios are happening at Seattle Grace? When do nurses ever have time to ride shotgun on medical treatment option discussions? That said, I do think the writers were smart to explore the gender inequities as it relates to male nurses and female doctors. Particularly the way in which patients tend to further complicated matters. On one hand, patients are probably far more intimate with their nurses than their surgeons, it’s unlikely they would feel comfortable enough allowing the situation with Eli to play out. More importantly, with all that Miranda has had to overcome in terms of race and gender (and given the fact Webber was her mentor as well as Addison and Arizona) I felt Miranda’s loss of control of the situation rang false. For starters, knowing the patient she had, it didn’t make a lot of sense to select Avery as her resident. Karev would have been a much better choice. But Karev was needed for another story arc. Ah well.

7×18 – “The Song Beneath the Song” a.k.a – the musical episode

Full Disclosure: I loved this episode. I might be one of the only people to do so. I found it a lot of fun, but obviously not without its share of fumbles and flaws. It was brilliant! Okay, other than giving Lexi way too many Auto-Tuned solos just because her hair was cute and she moves great. I was most thrilled by Karev’s Burt Reynolds-esque sing/talking. One question: Loretta Devine was in the original cast of Dreamgirls (she plays Adele Webber), has been heavily featured of late and—oh yeah—she has a fabulous voice, yet she was ghost in the episode. I was waiting for her to sing something! Bailey and Callie were incredible, but Owen is my new favorite character with his stunning Murray Head-esque performance. Addison guest stars and exerts control over the new lady ob-gyn and I found it somewhat uncomfortable because it was another example of a woman’s authority being questioned simply because she needed a moment to consider her options before responding to an inquiry. It was actually disappointing to see the dissolution of the relationship between Cristina and Teddy. I wasn’t sure it was necessary to toss Teddy in front of a bus in order to demonstrate how much Cristina has evolved and learned from her various mentors.

7×19 – “It’s a Long Way Back”

After what seemed like months of waiting, Grey’s finally returned with a brand new episode. Maybe the wait was simply to clear the palette of the polarizing musical episode! People already tend to view clinical trials with unmasked suspicion and it seemed a huge character leap for Meredith, who SWITCHED THE INJECTION in order to ensure Adele got the active agent. Since when does she care about Richard or Adele? Hasn’t Meredith spent the better part of seven seasons telling Richard to stop acting like a father to her? Yet now she wants to play daughter. This seemed a dramatic leap, even for Grey’s. This episode was a hot mess of physician bad behavior and we still have no idea who the clear frontrunner for Chief Resident is! Callie had what seemed like a magically swift recover resembling time elapsed photo of blue liquid evaporating on the crotch of diaper in a Huggies commercial. What I took from the swift recovery was that physical pain can sometimes heal more quickly than emotional pain. Or maybe the writers got wise and decided not to drag it out for months. Most likely, the writers were uncomfortable with the idea of allowing the audience to see Callie as disabled any longer than they had to, which I find rather offensive.

7×20 – “White Wedding”

It was amazing how holding one adorable brown baby suddenly brought Derek back from the dead. For what seems like the last four seasons Derek’s felt very phoned in to me. He’s there, with the hair and the contrived softly spoken words of sensuality, loyalty and kindness, but something was off. Yes, he nearly got his hand sliced up by a bitter ex girlfriend, settled into a life of sleepy domesticity with his post-it wife, but somehow that wasn’t giving him the rush picking up women in bars and score settle cheating on his estranged wife used to. Capitalizing on the Chief’s drunken relapse enabled Derek to become Chief, which hardly nobody called him and he was rewarded for his efforts with a gunshot to the chest by a disgruntled spouse of a patient. And have you seen Mer’s bangs and the shadiness she’s been up to this last couple of episodes? Yeah, I guess Derek hasn’t had a lot to smile about. But Derek loves him so Zola and oddly enough Zola was the reason he opted to toss out the post-it and get married for real. Which feels a bit stingy since across town the recovered Callie and her bride were having their wedding officiated by Bailey who muttered, “I could have been home looking at TV,” as she ascended the fluffy, fantasy wedding platform to unite her some lesbians in holy matrimony. Mer and Der’s rushed, slapdash city hall marriage so they could look better to adoption agencies was supposed to make us reflect on all that is problematic about marriage inequality, but instead just made me side eye Mer and Der and hate them a little bit. The chief resident thing is still being dangled in front of us like tits as a strip club, but like tits at a strip club what we see is off limits and elusive and quite possibly fake.

7×21 – “I Will Survive”

The penultimate episode of the season sets up some pretty intriguing character arcs for next season – Meredith possibly becoming a mom while also getting sanctioned for tampering with Derek’s clinical trial. Mer was so worried about having enough time to parent a child, well given that she might be fired for her recent actions she’ll have all the time in the world. The chief resident thing – I just don’t know. They all seem like motherfuckers to me. Nobody – not even Alex or April (the ones I was rooting for) were able to stand up to Owen’s military like interrogations. I still haven’t figured why the Chief appointed him decider of Chief Resident. Perhaps to avoid fallout from his previous botched selection – Callie – who was like the worst Chief Resident ever. Or maybe it’s just simply because Owen has only slept with ONE of the residents vying for position. More importantly since everyone else’s candidacy as completely imploded over the course of the season, Chief Resident is shaping up to be a booby prize rather than a prestigious appointment. It’s like, “thanks for not being an ethics bending jerk! here’s your chief resident party pack!”

Next week is the big season finale. There is a lot at stake for Meredith, Alex and Cristina. Apparently the show is trying to quiet the incessant whining coming from a persistent strain of fan who doesn’t like all the emphasis on the new characters. Personally, I can use a break from Cristina, Mer and even Alex from time to time. I would not be mad if the show only focused on Mark, Callie, Bailey and the Chief. It would not be a bad show at all.

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  1. May 13, 2011 9:15 am

    I would watch the Mark, Callie, Bailey and the Chief show in a heartbeat. Yes please!

  2. May 13, 2011 10:25 am

    I’d go along with this show only if Mark continues to wear Sofia in a snuggly.

  3. May 13, 2011 3:43 pm

    With all the people talking about leaving, I’m really hoping they keep Dr. Robert “Don’t call me Bob” Stark. It’s been refreshing seeing someone on the show who looks, sounds and acts like a real doctor.

  4. Q.V. permalink
    May 14, 2011 1:23 am

    I’m glad you mentioned the time-lapse nature of television because the single social worker interview they showed Meredith going through was pissing me off. But I forgot. A minute on television is fifteen hours in dog years.

  5. evmaroon permalink
    May 14, 2011 4:14 pm

    This was a labor of love. Thanks, Snarky! Plus, you make the greatest screen caps evah.

    One thing I like about this show is the way it’s shown the long shadow of Ellis Grey in Meredith’s life. Which I suppose is the point of it, or most of the point, or whatever. I just can’t think of many series that have found so many ways to explore a dysfunctional parental relationship.

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