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Grey’s Anatomy – 7.11 – “Disarm”

January 7, 2011

All-State, baby!

“Disarm” would have made a lovely season finale because contained within its scant 43ish minute running time was the healing Grey’s fans have been waiting for. For once Meredith’s usually cloying voice-over felt appropriate and comforting, to me anyway. Grey’s is starting to resemble the Grey’s of yesteryear with a sexy time cold opening. Granted the characters – well what’s left of them anyway – are older and starting to settle into a life devoid of musical on-call room beds (sex in beds at home, what a concept!) but there are still a few moments of sexy time left in this aged series.

Holy giant ensemble cast, Batman!

Post-It married MerDer are still processing events of the last episode, which unfortunately most of us have already forgotten. I believe despite the inspired concept behind the episode – yeah, why haven’t Christina and Derek bonded before – Christina’s fishing trip is the “Izzie Saves A Deer!” of this season. Mer informs Der she’s ovulating and since his medical training is at least as good (though probably better) than hers he knows what that means for his morning. Meanwhile the married couple Owen and Christina enjoy a little day planning during their sexy time. Owen seems particularly curious as to how his still exiled-from-surgery wife plans to piss away her day and potential. Thankfully the scene switches to Mark and Lexie before Owen can spoil the nice character moment by acting like an assclown.

Don't you die on me, Cecile!!! Indeed. Bailey channels her inner Alexis Colby with better results.

I guess Mark and Lexie was supposed to be an, “Oh snap!” moment, but this was hardly the case. I mean what other couples were left? We know that Callie slammed the door in Arizona’s face. We know that Bailey reluctantly accepted the date with the sexy Daniel Sunjata. We also know that Alex is probably sniffing someone’s tail, but it’s unlikely to be any character in this season’s cast. We know that Adele and the Chief aren’t exactly cozy these days and that Teddy’s marriage to every medical show’s favorite guest star – Scott Foley – is a sham. So who does that leave? Oh yeah, Mark and Lexie. Still, it was nice of the writers to dispense with that reunion without a heap of fanfare.

Awkward! Oh Arizona.

On the other hand, what’s going on with Callie and Arizona? Not much, apparently. I was very impressed with Callie’s self-respect, a trait absent from most of her romantic entanglements, except the stray dalliances with Mark. Arizona committed a major party foul, in my opinion, when she didn’t notice Callie’s “move on short haircut”, which would have told Arizona everything she needed to know about Callie’s commitment to their relationship.

When I said I wanted Teddy Altman to get a serious storyline, perhaps I should have been more specific. Marrying a patient so he might enjoy top tier healthcare is a serious storyline, particularly in these times, but the casual execution of the storyline without regard to the complexities, which many audience members in similar situations might observe, renders the whole thing cheap and tawdry. Whatever compassion Teddy might have felt for her sham groom has evaporated and it is starting to look and smell a lot like duty for her. That’s no way to let the audience know that Teddy is over Owen. If anything it demonstrates the opposite.

I see you, Graham Chase!

At the heart of the episode is the multiple victim shooting on a neighboring college campus. An event so emotionally close to the folks at Seattle Grace the writers didn’t trust the audience to make that connection themselves! Oh no, they had to make sure one of their own was within walking distance of the tragedy. Ladies and Gents, please give up it for the grand return of Dr. Christina Yang, Surgical Resident! Christina storms the scene with only seconds of hesitation, despite all the surgical avoidance the audience has been subjected to this season. I guess that’s how it goes sometimes!

Meanwhile Karev is Kareving up the place with his charming brand of bravado and insubordination. He does battle with Dr. Stark, a characters so informed with villainy he needs no first name, who has the cheek to want to save a patient’s life rather than simply save her leg. Pragmatic to a fault, the villainous Dr. Stark is scalpel blocked by Arizona Robbins, who is probably still jet lagged from her cross world trip back into the unwaiting arms of her lover, and told by the chief to, “save some lives!” which is what I thought he was doing. Best I can tell, Dr. Stark’s flaws amount to being unattractive, old school in his surgical practices and incapable of rising to the level of feel goodery displayed by the plucky residents and attending physicians that populate the rest of the cast.

Nice to see the gorgeous Dr. Sloan/McSteamy smiling again.

With all the grand gestures and high flying moments of healing, including Webber and Sgt. Marty having a moment after the life of the only cop who could identify the shooter is saved, the most beautiful moment of healing could easily be overlooked. It was Mark undoing the hack job Owen did on a patient in a rush, with painstaking surgical precision. His words are brief and powerful, “She’s just a kid. She doesn’t need a big ugly scar.”

Who was Bailey yelling at? Why was her patient named Charles? What about Mer and Cris? Why couldn’t Cris find the Space Needle? For these and other questions, check out our Grey’s Anatomy round table over on Bitch Media

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  1. January 9, 2011 1:02 pm

    This was such a satisfying episode on so many levels. I was especially pleased with Callie’s decision to stop being a doormat, noting that while Arizona may have traveled halfway round the world to be with the woman she loved, she (Callie) hadn’t even decided whether to start that journey. Or something to that effect. And I can forgive the writers for the ploy of using a shooting (with Cristina literally holding the shooter’s heart in her hand, no less) to give some closure to the healing process, it is a huge relief to know that there won’t be any more “Cristina goes shopping” episodes coming up.

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