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Grey’s Anatomy – 7.10 – “Set Adrift and at Peace”

December 3, 2010

Remind me never to get married on a Post-It; it turns you into a serious fishwife. Every time Meredith opened her mouth I cringed, cowered and waited for it to be over. Barking demands at Derek Shepherd. Getting live with Owen Hunt. Is it any wonder that Cristina opted to take a hot bag of, “no thanks” on their friendship?

Derek attempts to get the hell away from his nagging fish - postit - wife.

Cristina and McDreamy go fishing, in the woods where there are no bathrooms. This point seemed to be driven home several times during first act of the episode where the plot was kind of patchy and as though all of us were sitting in the cheap seats and needed to hear it again. Look, you can’t make heavy of these bathroomless woods and not have it be an aspect of the story. If you’re going to evoke Chekov’s bathroom, then someone better either get poison ivy on their hindquarters or interrupted by a woodland creature while attempting to do their business.

I know Jeffrey Dean Morgan and you, Scott Foley are no Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Meanwhile Teddy is off to the joys of another terrible decision. Sometimes I wonder if the writers have an actual story arc or even a rough sketch of an idea when it comes to Teddy. Scott Foley is not a story arc. Scott Foley is the guy who got tired of his wife being more famous than him, got divorced and somehow ends up storycrashing every single medical drama I have to cheek to actually like. Ugh and I smell the Denny Duquette II: Electric Boogaloo a mile away. Here’s hoping his tenure is brief and his character arc resolution is somewhat painful.

Eli and Bailey get to know each other a little better.

So Bailey has a potential love interest and he’s the guy who invited Carrie Bradshaw to the naval shindig in a season five ep of SATC. I’ll go ahead and say what earnest white folks are afraid to for fear of seeming “racist”, but doesn’t Nurse Eli strongly resemble Jackson Avery? Well their lips look the same, though Jackson’s hair is better, but they are both incredibly pretty. I like Daniel Sunjata as well as anyone who likes him a lot, but it seems a bit a confusion casting. Maybe Jackson could date Lexie and April could date Eli and it would be weird echo/shadow dating and we’d all be really confused.

The way I pictured Arizona and Callie’s inevitable reunion was as followed:

  • Arizona discovers a heart breaking peds case, which naturally involves an “orphaned” child
  • Arizona must come back to Seattle, since no hospital in Malawi or in – you know, EUROPE – can provide the care needed
  • Callie storms the helipad as Arizona’s chopper touches down, no time for love as it’s hard to shout apologies over the sound of whirling blades
  • Together Callie and Arizona work together to save the child’s life.
  • They adopt the child and live happily ever after.

great to see you too, Arizona!

So it came as a great shock when Grey’s had Arizona go out like a sucker, with a fatuous, “You look pretty.” and a bunch of other chow chow that resulted in Callie closing the door in her face. I LOL’d. Yeah, I mean what did Arizona expect!

I can’t be the only person who thought of this moldy oldie upon reading the title of the episode. Okay, spill it. What did y’all think of last night’s episode.

How big was the fish Cristina caught? Why is Teddy proposing to her patients? Did Bailey actually find love and a cure for fistulas? When are the writers gonna give April and Jackson something else to do besides stand around looking confused? These and many other questions will be discussed by the round table. Don’t miss it, click below!

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  1. December 3, 2010 9:58 am

    Things about this ep that made me happy: (1) Callie not being a doormat, (2) Bailey getting a love interest worth her mettle, (3) Owen kicking Meredith out of his OR. Unfortunately I know the title of the show is not “Hunt’s Anatomy” so eventually Meredith will probably get her comeuppance. But for now I’m enjoying that she’s not being allowed to be the self-proclaimed expert on all things Cristina.

  2. December 3, 2010 10:01 am

    But for now I’m enjoying that she’s not being allowed to be the self-proclaimed expert on all things Cristina.

    Me too. Her Cristina thing sometimes veers on obsession and also is a bit patronizing. Cristina was a grown ass woman long before she met Meredith. LOL.

  3. December 4, 2010 10:27 am

    Here’s how I think they do Teddy’s storylines: They have a fishbowl filled with little slips of paper with things written on it. They call it ‘the idea bowl,’ and when someone goes ‘oops, we forgot to write a scene for Teddy,’ someone dives on in there.

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