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Grey’s Anatomy – 7.7 – “That’s Me Trying”

November 5, 2010

McSteamy and Arizona Robbins

Was I the only person surprised to find out that Dr. Owen Hunt ran his own department. This fascinating information came to light during the fifth episode entitled “Almost Grown”. That said, I could have done without the long drawn out B story involving a staged catastrophe, some bad Apocalypse Now reference and a whole lot rain. All in all this was a fantastic, but extremely emotionally harsh episode, which hopefully is setting the stage for some good sweeps week action.

The spoilers on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round…

“I have great big African plans…”

I guess Callie and Arizona are really going to Malawi as evident by Arizona giving away all of Callie’s stuff to Mark, who looked quite awkward sitting at their counter watching their relationship implode, appliance by appliance. Realizing this has more to do with Jessica Capshaw’s pregnancy, I’m hoping this transition will won’t be as brutal as it’s starting to appear to be. What was up with the Chief trying to guilt Callie and Arizona into staying at Seattle Grace, which is perfectly keeping in with his character’s tendency to quite withholding with the praise and promise until it’s too late. Certainly, that has been his approach to his marriage and his occasionally difficult relationship with Meredith. Mark and Callie finally have a real friendship moment, as Callie’s about to go with Arizona to Malawi. Mark finally got some real moments of depth and humanity and it made me long for the old days of Mark and Callie, back when they were bitter, snarky singles.

“We’re not frosty; we’re fine.”

“We’re not frosty; we’re fine.” Meredith says to Derek as she passes a frosty Cristina in the hall way. Not sure what to make of new development in the Cristina and Meredith relationship, but I’m trying my best to let the writers do their job and not second guess their instincts. That said, I’m hoping they aren’t about to send Cris and Mer back to their emotionally distant season four days. It was looking pretty frosty between the two of them when Meredith stopped by – at Hunt’s insistence – to assist Cristina with her lung transplant patient. With Dr. Altman off awaiting a set of new lungs, Cristina’s been tasked with keeping the patient alive – and his daughter calm – until Altman returns. Unfortunately, Cristina still seems off her game and at this point it’s rather fatuous that she’d be assigned such an important patient. Not sure when Cristina’s going to get her groove back or when someone’s going to strongly urge her to seek out some freaking therapy. As each week passes without some serious intervention on the part of the attending physicians or the Chief I’m finding Cristina’s story arc – while providing Sandra Oh lots of meaty screen time, of which she’s been long due – to be rather tedious. Nevertheless, Cristina’s big “How are you okay?” speech was amazing. Big ups to Sandra Oh who killed it. That said, a big “WTF?” to Cristina’s stunning declaration at the end of the episode.

“It’s really hard to manage your roots when you’ve been committed to the psych ward.”

In addition to getting fancy appliances from Arizona, Dr. Mark Sloan is performing a booty surgery on a tiny white woman who wants more junk in her trunk. For some reason this does not sit well with Lil Grey who believes the patient’s wishes and expectations – which Lil Grey assumes, but actually does not know – are unrealistic. It was amusing to watch Lexie demand Mark treat her like a doctor when she behaved extremely unprofessional during the booty surgery consult, offering unsolicited critiques of the patient’s body and clearly seeming uncomfortable with the idea that someone would want a larger ass for reasons having nothing to do with impressing a man. Lately, it seems as though the writers don’t actually know what to do with Lexie and keep flinging situations and the audience suffers because of it. Mark and Lexie clearly have unfinished business and hopefully the writers are working towards resolving some of it. If the intention of this season, which happens to be the best one since season two, to bring healing to the doctors of Seattle Grace and also right some of the wrongs of the last couple of seasons, it’d be nice if they could make good on some of that promised healing.

“Don’t tell me about letting go.”

Lawd, please give Chandra Wilson the Emmy now. First it was the now infamous “Glue and tape” speech and now this week Bailey’s trying to find out what happened to her patient Mary who died after a routine surgery. Bailey’s struggling to deal with the aftermath and her grief over Mary’s death and a really seemingly flip pathologist, whom Bailey clashes with. Bailey had a nice moment with Derek and they seemed to get the answers to their individual questions. Each week seems to reveal how not okay everyone is and Bailey is no exception. In fact, she seems nearly as banged up as Cristina, though unlike Cristina, Bailey’s becoming increasingly more obsessed with her work.

“We are standing in the middle of an airport screaming at each other. We are already over.”

Snap. Did not see that coming. Okay, writers, how are you gonna write your way out of this one?

On that note, ladies and gentlemen, I present Mr. William Shatner:

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  1. evmaroon permalink
    November 5, 2010 12:57 pm

    It just occurred to me that Amber Benson, a.k.a. Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is in the same episode where a lesbian couple splits up. I guess we should all be grateful neither Torres nor Arizona took a deathblow to the heart!

    And I had the same thought when Bailey was talking with Shepard–give this woman an EMMY!

    Great recap as always, Snarky.

  2. November 5, 2010 1:57 pm

    My favorite part of this episode was when the lung transplant guy said to his daughter “You’re snarky. Snarky’s good. I like snarky.” I nodded in agreement.

  3. November 5, 2010 2:05 pm

    Yes! I about died in the snarky scene. And as soon as I saw Amber Benson show up, I thought ‘ruh roh, death to the lesbians!’

    Bailey was amazing in this episode. That woman keeps cutting to the heart of the bullshit in her trademark way even while trying to process her own shit.

    And SERIOUSLY when is Cristina gonna get her booty into therapy. (Maybe the dark and twisty sisters need some damn couples therapy, actually.)

  4. November 5, 2010 3:32 pm

    What did everyone think about Alex and April? I’m mixed on the idea of them as a potential couple. I am still waiting to see Bailey and Alex get together. That would blow people’s minds.

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