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Cinemalphabet: A is for American Gigolo

September 24, 2010

[Cinemalphabet, a journey through cinema one letter at a time….]

In his review of American Gigolo film critic Roger Ebert wrote:

We leave “American Gigolo” with the curious feeling that if women weren’t paying this man to sleep with them, he’d be paying them: He needs the human connection and he has a certain shyness, a loner quality, that makes it easier for him when love seems to be just another deal.

The protagonist Julian Kay (Gere) is the titular gigolo specializing in servicing wealthy, society women of a certain age. He’s at the top of his game as evident by his gorgeous clothes, flashy whips and home furnishings, though other than bedding rich ladies, his life is fairly solitary. Though I don’t find Kay especially rich in self-awareness, which I suppose makes it quite easy for him to be framed for the murder of one of his clients…

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