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Things That I Shouldn’t Like: She’s Out of My League

July 26, 2010

First off, apologies to all FryButts out there. I’ve been dealing with separation anxiety, computer viruses, job hunts, and vacations, and have been sadly lacking in my buttery goodness. Hopefully everything is sitchiated now, and I can get back to blogaliciousness.

Last night, my partner and I watched the movie She’s Out of My League, which is a fairly recent flick of the rom-com variety. We got it from one of those $1 machines, so I figured it was worth watching, even if it was horrible.

I’m a fan of rom-coms. Whether they’re good or bad, I’ll probably feel all squooshy at the end and walk around singing “It’s Not Unusual” for the next week (don’t ask). I was a bit leary of this one, because (as one of my friends said) it’s a standard dorky-guy-meets-conventionally-attractive-woman-and-hijinks-ensue. And yes, it was that. But it was a little bit more.

Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder) plays the aforementioned dorky guy. But here’s the thing: while I find him abso-frickin-lutely adorable, he really isn’t the typical movie dork. He’s just not cute enough, really. For all that’s holy, Jon Cryer as Duckie was a more attractive dork. Alice Eve is the conventionally attractive blonde chick, who initially chooses to date Kirk (Baruchel) because she was hurt by the really,really ridiculously good-looking Cam (Geoff Stults) and Kirk would be “safe.” But, through various hi-jinks, she realises that he’s a fantastic guy, and that even though she’s a 10 and he’s a 5, they belong together.

Actually, this movie sounds like crap right about now, don’t it?

What I loved about this movie is it’s handling of what makes people attractive. The end of the film focuses on the fact that Kirk needs to stop doubting himself and just be his funny, dorky self. Because it’s not your appearance that makes you a 10, it’s the whole package (even if you have a shitbox of a car). Kirk doesn’t get buff, or quit his job at TSA in security, or anything like that; he just accepts that Molly loves him, and that’s really all that matters. Trite, yes, but I felt that it was nice to see a movie that just let the nerdy person keep the “hot” person while not changing. There’s no moment where Kirk lets down his hair and takes off his glasses; hell, they don’t even give the boy a “yeah, he’s a dork, but he’s gotta big knob!” moment. It also pokes fun at the ranking system that we all have used at some point, and also deals with the subjectivity of attractiveness.

Maybe I found this to be as good as I did because I’m dealing with those insecurities right now; my partner is leaving for basic training, and I know when he comes out he’s gonna be all buff and crap, and I’m still gonna be the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man’s pastier cousin. And I know that he’s gonna love me no matter what, but OMGZWHATIFHETHINKSI’MFATANDDORKYANDLEAVESME?!?!?!?!??!?!ELEVENTYONE!

She’s Out of My League isn’t a brilliant movie; it’s plot is kinda just…there. It’s vulgar, there are only 2 non-white characters that I can remember, and it’s a completely frivolous bit of film-making. But I enjoyed it, and felt better about myself and the possible state of the world at the end of it. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

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  1. July 26, 2010 11:36 pm

    I admit to leaving a wide space between myself and this movie, based admittedly on the trailer and clips I had seen. I don’t know what about it freaked me out… maybe it was just the fact that the guy’s friends were so incredibly ridiculous that I constantly wondered why doesn’t this guy just get some new friends! I’m sure there was a device that explained why he couldn’t do that (they were his roommates and they had to live together in some sprawling and surprisingly cool residence; they knew all of each other’s secrets and had made a pact to stay together, or something equally annoying) but I couldn’t be bothered to figure it out. That’s the character’s annoyance, not mine!

  2. July 27, 2010 8:40 am

    I appreciate your recap of this movie, because I was slightly curious about it, despite it seeming obviously terrible. But now my curiosity is sated! In exchange, I will tell you this: All About Steve got a bad rap as a movie. Assuming you can stomach Sandra Bullock (which is tough right now, I know), it turns out to be about dorks/nerds accepting themselves. It reminded me of some cheesey movie I’d stumble onto via cable at the age of 13 and get utterly sucked into.

  3. July 27, 2010 11:02 am

    Re: The friends

    I found his friends to be annoying as all hell, especially the one that they feature in all of the commercials. His main purpose is to feed Kirk’s insecurities by putting him down, which in turn makes him feel better about himself. Which I find to be believable, yet far too obnoxious. That said, I’ve had that friend, and unlike the dude in the movie, she never realised that she was a large problem. The other two friends are likable, in that one almost never talks (really, he kinda just stands there, advocates honesty, and looks pretty) and the other is a happily married guy who encourages Kirk the whole time. He also kinda calls out the film on its more homophobic moments, and delivers the best speech in the whole thing.

    Ray, I haven’t seen all of All About Steve yet, but I’ve seen the last chunk of it thanks to a weekend vacation in a hotel with HBO. I loved the scene where Sandra B, DJ Qualls, and Katy Mixon take off together in the Gremlin. It made me happy seeing 3 dorky people being comfortable with themselves.

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