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Quick Pats of Butter: Entertainment Not As Entertaining As Previously Predicted

June 8, 2010

    J-Lo and Cruise at MTV Movie Awards

  • NBC/Comcast merger, which for the most part sounded horribly boring and straightforwardly evil, just got lively. U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been involved with the hearings on the merger and, Ms. Waters never lets me down. Both entities are pledging more diversity from on screen talent and off screen production rosters. This is a tad hilarious from NBC considering they currently have no shows approaching a Cosby/Different World level of diversity and try to pass off a new jack minstrel called 30 Rock – written by hero to white gal feminists, Tina Fey – or the weekly carnival of -ism fail on Glee as diversity programming. Generally any show touted as great by self described “allies” (who for some inexplicable reason always live some place with like 0.1% racial diversity) is guaranteed to be riddled with so much -ism fail they try to overcompensate for with a bunch tedious, inaccessible academic chow chow – half of which doesn’t actually mean what they think it does and smells like plagiarized bell hooks – to justify their fatuous lapse in judgment. Yes, I would like the home version of this so-called diversity entertainment. It’s a box with a hammer and the directions are: 1)Remove hammer. 2)Strike self in the head. 3)Repeat. Most likely a merger will mean more crap like Glee, Parks & Recreation and 30 Rock. Not less. And the merger of UPN and WB should be a good cautionary tale.
  • Jeff Sneider of The Wrap thinks the Twilight franchise has rendered the MTV Movie Awards irrelevant. I suppose it was generous of Sneider to find them relevant in the first place. I’m pretty sure MTV stopped being relevant ages ago when it stopped actually being a taste maker and became a crap bin of reality programming and grating on air personalities. But don’t take my word for it. The whole shebang is on demand at and you can see all the water cooler moments of fail and fabulousness.
  • The Television Critics of America got together and agreed they are the most predictable and uninspired group of people writing about pop culture. Gee, Breaking Bad – again! It really sagged this season. Really? No minorities worthy of mention? Three women – all white – and the rest are white guys. Nobody of any kind of diversity did fine work this season. I guess Andre Braugher on House was just my imagination.

I was going to add an item about the disappointing summer box office offerings this year, but really, I’ve already had enough good news1 for one day. And no, you can’t go a day on Fry Butt without running into a picture of Tom Cruise. Suck it up. He’s got a decent looking action picture dropping this summer and therefore is newsworthy.

1 I see you, Korben Dallas!

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  1. June 8, 2010 8:15 am

    I thought MTV became irrelevant when it stopped being, yanno, MUSIC TELEVISION.

  2. June 8, 2010 12:03 pm

    MTV may have accidentally stumbled its way into remaining relevant for longer than expected: First they broadcast live from Spring Break, and showed a whole lot of stuff that was more appropriate to skinemax than to a channel teenies and tweenies were watching at the time. Unfortunately for everyone, this came complete with Pauly Shore, the catastrophic explosion of idiocy that created the vortex of downward spiral from which MTV never really recovered. This was followed by “The Real World,” the oxymoronic titled program which really set the stage for internet casters the world over. But with people like Jesse Camp and Gideon Yago in the mix, MTV plunged, “M” first, into the abyss.

    Maybe they should go back to wild feeds of rock stars in Cancun.

  3. June 8, 2010 3:27 pm

    I agree with you on that, Dean. Perhaps MTV should have changed its name years ago, the first time Eric Nies took off his shirt on Club MTV. It’s been weird watching the channel transition from being a decent place to find music to a site exclusively interested in shamelessly promoting itself like Bobby Trendy. It’s promoting something that no longer exists and trading on the good graces of memories folks have of its former glory. It’s incredibly sad, actually.

    I remember the first episode of The Real World and how I was uncomfortable with its positioning then because I didn’t think the “real world” required so much production. Still, I knew MTV as a place for music was pretty much over when that show and Road Rules and Singled Out quickly began taking over more and more of the production schedule and music slowly evaporated from the programing. Vh-1 became MTV 2.0 and now it’s basically where MTV was about seven years ago. Though sometimes they play music on Vh1. like maybe at six am.

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