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No My Brother You’ve Got to Buy Your Own

May 7, 2010

The classic sounds of SEXY soul…
Oh my god, I know every line of this commercial, including the moneyshot, often quoted line…(see post title) I can’t sing “Hey There Lonely Girl” without immediately singing the chorus to “Me and Mrs. Jones”.

Don’t give her perfume give her Jean Nate
I love this scent. Seriously, I totally do. I cannot smell or see or hear about this stuff without thinking of La Mommie, on whom it does not smell like bug spray.

The Jordache look…
Somewhere in a HoJo or airport lounge someone is playing this jingle on an out of tune piano. For once it’s not me. Once, I got the Westside Pavillion Nordstrom’s piano dude to accompany me while I sang it to the folks riding the escalator towards Men’s Furnishings.

The 8 hour perfume for your 24 hour woman
Bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan, baby! 30 freaking years ago. Oh man. That’s embarrassing.

Omg, I totally ordered this off the TV. I still have it!

Gillette, the best a man can get…
My sister and I used to rock out to this commercial and its GERMAN revamp. Same tune but AUF DEUTSCH!! Du bist ein champion!!! That said, in any language the song is pretty cheesy. Oh man the dude at 0:08 always KILLS me. Yuppies saying “YES!” in that 80s way is hilarious.

Take me home, Goodyear, take me home…
I had to watch this commercial alone cause it always made me cry and somehow I was embarrassed by that fact. I also am a loyal Goodyear buyer.

First time, first love
Robin Beck’s The Very First Time used to thrill me to NO end. I loved the song and the commercial. I loved her voice, which is deliciously Lita Fordian – and I loved belting out the chorus along with her. Oddly enough I still preferred Pepsi.

Can I vest you up in my love…
I’m pretty sure this commercial is the only reason I own an ORANGE gap puffy vest. Seriously, it’s in my closet right now.

Let the healing begin
Don’t front. You clapped along to this jingle too. *clap clap*

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  1. araymondjohnson permalink
    May 7, 2010 2:19 pm

    I made a playlist called “Hey Love” after revisiting that commercial on youtube with Unscrambled when she was visiting me a couple months ago!

    I would totally wear that orange puffy vest now.

  2. May 7, 2010 3:44 pm

    That dude from Phantom Planet is a cutie… until the time I saw him at this photography art show thing in L.A. and he had a hipster mullet. It was really depressing.

    I still say “No my brother, you’ve got to buy you’re own” when people ask if they can have a bite of something. But I must be getting older, because the amount of people who don’t laugh to those who do is getting larger. Sad days.

    This post rules!

  3. May 7, 2010 4:19 pm

    @Poplife – AHAH. Alex. I don’t actually know what he looks like despite Gia assuring me that I have met and spent time with him on several non intoxicated occasions.

    And yes on “NO my brother…” people think it’s from Cameron Crowe!

    @Raybear – I need to make a playlist. Don’t you love how songs like “Cowboys and Girls” – that nobody has ever heard of and are only on the list because the probably had to include them in order to get the song they really wanted – are like touted as “immortal classics”

    Well they got the “they are dead and won’t stay that way” part correct.

  4. Candice permalink
    May 8, 2010 5:18 pm

    Wow @ this post. The green hat and vest chick hip rocking hard in the Vaseline commercial…

    I remember loving the GAP vest commercial because one of Madonna’s Blonde Ambition dancers is in it. Is the first vest wearing singer Sylar from Heroes?

  5. Matt W permalink
    May 8, 2010 8:55 pm

    OK, true story: my brother and our friend and I were watching TV late at night sometime in 1987. We saw this ad, and “No, my brother!” became our catchphrase/in-joke. Our friend was one of the writers on the all-school variety show a year later, and worked “No, my brother!” into the show. One of the alumni of our high school was John Cusack (did he see the show and think, “Hey, I should use that in this movie I’m working on right now with Cameron Crowe!”?), and our friend’s co-writer on the show was Peter Gwinn, currently head writer of The Colbert Report. Yes, yes, it’s all a rich tapestry.

  6. May 9, 2010 8:06 pm

    Wow @ this post. The green hat and vest chick hip rocking hard in the Vaseline commercial…

    I know right. I love they were strongly encouraging us to keep our tans moisturize.

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