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A Crash Course in Pop Music in Only 9min, 26sec.

April 29, 2010

A fellow aging record curmudgeon on a music discussion board that I’ve been posting on for (gasp!) over 10 years recently lamented about bands that he called “Record Collector Rock”. He explained this as younger whippersnappers who, thanks to the vast amounts music available on the internet, just consumed, consumed, consumed, and consumed record after record without really doing the legwork or really spending quality time with the mp3s that can be almost instantly downloaded. These young whippersnappers then started bands. Bands that just sort of shamelessly grab from whatever genre or artist they need without any sort of context. Almost like a song version of wearing a bunch of one inch badges on your messenger bag (guilty) or making guests who’ve you’ve invited over for dinner listen to whatever new crap you found at the swap meet or downloaded off some obscure mp3 blog (rude!).

I like bands! Do you?

This grumpy boarder named names. Blank Dogs seemed to get the most of his ire. And I can see why. Another dude trying to out Joy Divsion Joy Divison. Whatever. It seems pretty harmless to me. But then, I don’t really hold Joy Division up on some sort of sacred pedestal of musical standards. I thought that’s why punk rock existed in the first place. To knock down the white towers others had set up. So how pleased was I when I stumbled upon this amazing musical snack from French duo, Discodeine? In the space of 9 minutes and 26 seconds we get a crash course in pop music. No regard for genre lines.  This is a brisk jog through musical history. And it’s awesome. Skillfully structuring soft rock with doo-wop with Zombies-esque melodies and electro-pop with just about any hyphenated crap I can come up with in my over-caffeinated state. Got 10 minutes to spare?

Discodeine – less than 10 minutes with discodeinebydiscodeine

A little more here as well.

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  1. April 29, 2010 12:17 pm

    Thank you for that 9 minutes in heaven! That was so delicious. Remember when you were the coolest if you were willing to shell out the outrageous fees for the one dusty copy of some Siouxsie 7″ hanging on the wall and probably warped at Vinyl Fetish?

  2. April 29, 2010 12:26 pm

    Oh god, I have a SLEEVE from the 7″ of Siouxsie’s “Mettageisen/Love In a Void” single because I stupidly left it in the car in Southern California in the middle of June one day. Yeah. That record became an ashtray. But by god, I kept that sleeve to prove that I had that freaking single. I have issues.

  3. April 29, 2010 1:32 pm

    Yeah. That record became an ashtray. But by god, I kept that sleeve to prove that I had that freaking single. I have issues.

    Two words: Sixteen Days!

  4. evmaroon permalink
    April 29, 2010 4:56 pm

    That was really amazing! Thanks for plastering it up here—I seriously don’t have enough music-obsessed friends anymore, so I appreciate anyone who appreciates tunes. I recently re/discovered old folk music, so I’ve been off the beat [sic] of contemporary stuff, and I just figured I was too old to tell this new music from anything else I’ve heard in the last 10 years.

  5. Miguel permalink
    April 29, 2010 6:55 pm

    This is a really cool mash-up! I’m trying to figure out where the segments are coming from. I’m guessing the electro-pop segments are original ones, but I’m not sure. All i could come up with is Dark is the Bark by the Left Banke at 2:00, and then Wonderful by the Beach Boys at 9:00. There are other things I can’t put my fingers on.

  6. April 29, 2010 7:10 pm

    I actually LOLed when I heard what sounded to me like What’s New Pussycat morphing into Sgt. Pepper.

  7. badhedgehog permalink
    April 30, 2010 7:21 am

    Oh, that was lovely. That was really nice art. And it ends with Wonderful. Just lovely.

    That Joy Division by numbers band are hilarious. I think they should do a song called “One Of These Days Peter Hook Is Going To Come Along And Lamp Us One (Our Greatest Fear Is That He Wouldn’t Care Enough To Even Do That)”

  8. April 30, 2010 10:49 am

    Are Blank Dogs better than Interpol, if so I’d be interested.

    Obs 1 shut it down. I don’t care what people say or if that makes me a bad person for saying so.

  9. April 30, 2010 10:52 am

    Also, like Spoon, I don’t recall Joy Division being one of the 12 lost tribes either.

    I mean they’re great and all – at times transgressive, but other shit has come along and it’s been great too.

  10. badhedgehog permalink
    April 30, 2010 11:33 am

    Interpol are kind of alright. We rented Rock Band 2 a couple of weeks ago, and there was an Interpol track on that, fairly early on. PDA it was, I think. I was laughing myself silly singing it and interpolating little spoken word bits in between each verse “ladies and gentlemen, these are the worst lyrics ever written, you are listening to the worst lyrics ever written, thank you”

    (I’m not footnoting that, it would be like footnoting gravy.)

    I like Joy Division, and I think there’s a right way to copy Joy Division (early Disco Inferno) and a sort of wrong way (Interpol, Editors, etc), although at the same time I’m aware of the dangerous fragility of my opinion. I guess it depends a lot on what aspect of the thing someone chooses to focus on in their homage: the bloke from Interpol emulates Ian Curtis’ voice, other people go for different stuff. Both Joy Division’s albums are bloody good, and I put that down in large part to Martin Hannett’s genuinely transgressive production. I don’t particularly venerate Joy Division though, which I guess some people who get annoyed at imitators do.

  11. April 30, 2010 11:50 am

    Whenever I see a skinny white guy in with a haircut and a suit singing I assume he believes himself to be Ian, though I have to wait until he starts singing to find out which Ian he believes himself to be.

    Sometimes it’s Curtis.
    Sometimes it’s McCulloch

  12. April 30, 2010 2:09 pm

    I like me a few Interpol tracks, but they do write super horrible lyrics, that is true.

    @badhedgehog – Yeah, I love Disco Inferno. Good stuff.

    @Snarky – You’re right the Ians are like this generations Coreys. Sigh.

    For the record, I don’t think jockin’ bands styles is automatically bad. Some people are just better at it than others. Like the Lilys who constantly change from album to album… it seems more like someone having fun trying to make something like their heroes rather than just stealing a pose.

  13. Miguel permalink
    May 1, 2010 12:20 pm

    Is it bad that I like New Order significantly more than I do Joy Division? I mean Ian is great and all, but Peter Hook lives more up to his name when he’s playing dorky synth pop than dorky post-punk.

    Also, I feel like Interpol might take more from the Chameleons, another great band contemporary to Joy Division.

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