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Deep Cut: Bananarama’s Dance with a Stranger

April 24, 2010

While cleaning out some of my cassette tapes I found this song! I hadn’t it heard it in years. It takes me back to working at a horrible clothing store in my late teens where this cut was featured on a prepackage mix we were forced to play daily. When I heard it the first time on my shift I was due a 15 minute break. The second playback meant it was time for lunch and the third time meant – HOME. Yet, I would always find myself straightening racks a little more slowly just to hear the song conclude. Like, Spandau Ballet, (which is not real ballet cause that’s cruel!) I thought this would be the perfect song to usher my dinner party guests out of my fabulously furnished loft after an enchanting evening of my most non poisonous cuisine.

Bananarama “Dance With a Stranger” – True Confessions

Jose F. Promis wrote:

This album also marked an artistic change of pace for the trio because they began to utilize super hit producers Stock, Aitken & Waterman, who helped them turn the 1970 rock hit “Venus” into an unstoppable, unforgettable dance smash. In fact, their version was so huge that it became their only U.S. number one hit. The rest of the album, however, is a little darker than one might expect, with heavy lyrics and themes permeating the songs. Other highlights include the second single, “More Than Physical,” which was also produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman, the moody third single, “Trick of the Night,” the saucy “Hooked on Love,” the dance-pop of “Promised Land,” and the seductive “Dance with a Stranger.”

I have been trying to scour the phrase “Stock, Aitken & Waterman” from my brain for 21 years! Since leaving Europe on a jet plane! They were like the bane of my existence. I’m trying to think of their stateside equiv, but am drawing a blank. In the UK going Stock, Aitken & Waterman is akin to going “disco” in this country in terms of what it means if you’re not generally thought to be a disco artist.

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  1. badhedgehog permalink
    April 24, 2010 5:30 am

    Stock, Aitken and Waterman produced an album for Donna Summer. Donna. Summer.

    The flatpack construction of SAW productions means all their tracks sound pretty much the same, but paradoxically only a few of them are Any Good.
    1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) – Dead Or Alive
    2. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley*
    3. Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend) – Mel and Kim (this 1986 video pinpoints the exact time that today’s fashion is trying to evoke. Note the baggy tapered pants. Note the wide soft leather belts. Note the jackets and cowl neck sweaters. Note the ankle boots.)

    *when this first came out, there was a rumour/joke that it was actually just Kylie Minogue’s voice slowed down. Or that Kylie Minogue was Rick Astley speeded up.

  2. April 24, 2010 8:11 am

    You know I love me some “This Time I know it’s for Real”. I knew you’d bring me something good, Badhedgehog!

    “Flatpack construction” hahaha!!!

    “Showing Out” *nods* great song. Great SAW production.

    When did Kylie – or Danni for that matter – part ways with SAW?

    I still see this video in my dreams! Oh Kylie!

  3. April 25, 2010 1:11 am

    My favorite Bananarama reference was on Aqua Teen Hunger Force where these leprechauns were luring people to the park promising them gold if they stepped into this rainbow, and the rainbow was generated by this machine that sucked them up when they stepped into it. When they captured them they robbed them, but they hadn’t had much success in getting anything of value. So one of the leprechauns was complaining about this, and another leprechaun was like “we’ve got all this treasure” and the complaining leprechaun was all “Like what? This Bananarama tape with no case? Yeah we sure scored big on that one, ASS”


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