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Honey Buns, MegaShark, Chatroulette, Jesus H. Superstar, p0plife and the Awkward Sexy: Fry Butter’s 100th Post Extravaganza!

April 8, 2010

that's me in the center...that's me in the spotlight...

Like most origin stories the genesis of Fry Butter traces back to a vat of radioactive goo in the form of: Livejournal, messageboards, Al’s Bar, ‘zines, Southern Girls Convention and gamma rays. When the idea first worked its way into my dog’s breakfast – my brain – I was probably standing at the magazine rack of an all night grocery store bobbing my head to Player’s immortal classic Baby Come Back thinking Why doesn’t Ray Ray ever answer his damn phone? I need to PROCESS.

Enter Fry Butter.

I am not one to let an idea lounge around and immediately made mine for a pop culture blog get off its ass and earn its keep; with a few clicks I was the Queen of the land of milk and Fry Butter. And given that I am the queen around here I have no real powers, unless carrying around a tiny purse housing nothing but Kleenex or mistaking a remote control for a microphone is considered power.

Nope. I had generate my own, clipping each tool to my brightly colored utility belt.


  • Everett truly is the Claude Levi-Strauss of the group, with his preternatural ability to parse out anthropological truths that are often clouded by the flashing disco balls of technological advance. Everett finds new and refreshing ways to say, “There ain’t nothing new under the sun.”
  • Truth be told, I think Prius drivers are insufferable. Yes, I used to own an SUV. Everyone ratted on me until they needed to get a new bed frame from IKEA, and then suddenly, I was their best friend. Or God forbid it snowed. Gee, my 4-wheel drive came in handy then, huh? I thought so. So maybe I have a chip on my shoulder, but Prius owners thought they were like little carbon swaps, with their reusable grocery bags so they could get free trade sugar that was five times as expensive as the sugar other people bought at Safeway. Hey, why not just purchase our way into reversing the greenhouse effect?


  • Gudbuytjane and I are fellow travelers on the road called Nobody likes this stuff but us! and it is often times a lonely journey – set to Journey – which only makes what she does infinitely more glorious. She treats even her most obscure passions as though everyone shares them, with elegant – but not precious – prose.
  • For those of you not in the know, Doctor Who is to the UK as Star Trek is to the USA. Since 1963 (save for a few dark years in the 90’s and early 2000’s when the show was off the air) the Doctor has been having adventures in time and space, alternately thrilling and scaring generations of fans both in and outside of the United Kingdom. Sometimes alone, sometimes with a series of companions, the Doctor has benefited the most open-ended premise one could imagine: He’s a Time Lord who can go anywhere or anywhen.

    Like that other great British export, James Bond, the Doctor has been played by a succession of actors, with the passing of the role attracting a great deal of excitement. The exchange of the lead is accomplished through the clever plot device of ‘regeneration’ – the Doctor is an alien, and when he is near death his body renews into that of a new man, with a new face and personality. At the end of the last series previous Doctor David Tennant regenerated into Matt Smith, the latest face of the Time Lord, and tonight he had his first full episode, “The Eleventh Hour.”

Uncle Raymond

  • Have you ever had one of those charming fantastic story telling uncles who greets your wide eyed, rapt attention – post story – with a sigh, a scoff and a playfully dismissive, “You got to know where you came from in hopes of ever getting anywhere interesting.” And does he ever. Raybear and I go back to a time where I didn’t know anyone liked Pink Floyd’s Learning to Fly but me! I also didn’t know anyone would feel it an obligation to place both that track and Never Knew Love Like This Before by Stephanie Mills on the SAME MIX and make it work like whoa.
  • Karaoke is serious business for me, I prefer deep cuts from the catalog (it’s nice to go out singing and actually not hear Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, Cheap Trick’s Surrender, or Alannah Myles’s Black Velvet), but my favorite part of a night is when someone takes the stage with a forgotten song that is such a great choice that — for a just a moment — I hate them for thinking of it first. Then I tip my hat at their well-played move, enjoy the performance, clap wildly….and jot it down to sing the next time I’m there.

    One example of a song that came back to me this way after a decade-long absence is Freda Payne’s 1970 classic Band of Gold. Here’s an original video where they made her dance around the Washington Monument fountain and lip sync:


  • I am always amused and also embarrassed when folks patronizingly attempt to school Spoon about music or art, which I have seen folks do. What I have also observed is how humble and gracious she when confronted with this strain of assclown in a way I could NEVER be, if I even knew a tenth of what she knows about music. Moreover, she can write about music so it is accessible even to folks not acquainted with the performer.
  • ere’s the truth about Alex Chilton for me: Big Star’s #1 Record/Radio City has never left my car. Ever. It was the first thing I uploaded onto my iPod, and has never been deleted. Most of my best memories involve Big Star. Most of the roughest parts of my life involve Big Star. When nothing else sounds right to me, Big Star fits the bill. Those first three records, and to a small degree some of Alex’s solo albums, have inspired so much art from me. One of the things I love about Alex Chilton is that he was unafraid of expressing joy. Sure, he wrote some of the saddest damn songs ever, but it says a lot to me that the same person who wrote “Holocaust” and “Give Me Another Chance” also wrote “September Gurls”, “Back of A Car”, “Thirteen” and produced The Cramps! There is a (very) short list of things in my life that have really endured. Big Star is on that list

Tasha Fierce

  • What can I say that can’t be extrapolated from her surname? Tasha is a writer’s writer. She is a strict craft person in a way I haven’t really seen from many people. Beyond that she’s hilarious and direct. I am all about a writer who gets to the moneyshot of the work and doesn’t make me sift through a bunch of chow chow. What I enjoy most about her writing is how technically proficient her deceptively carefree style of writing is. You can’t fake that kind of craft precision.
  • The solution to almost every problem in a disaster movie involves detonating a nuclear weapon. The San Andreas Fault is causing earthquakes at 10.5 on the Richter scale? We need to get some nukes down in that sucker. A supernova blast is threatening the Earth? Detonate some nukes in the magnetosphere to filter out the cosmic radiation! The core of the Earth stopped rotating? We need to nuke it to “jump start” it spinning again. A giant asteroid/comet/meteor is headed straight for Earth? Let’s break that baby up with some nukes. I mean really, is there nothing nuclear weapons can’t solve?

Snarky’s Machine

  • Once upon a time there were six writers, some from and some from Livejournal. The work was often hazardous. But I took them away from all that; now they work for me

    My name is Snarky. *cue cheesy strings*

8 Comments leave one →
  1. msjacks permalink
    April 9, 2010 12:01 am

    I think of you as the den mother in our sorority. (sorry guy-writers, but i can’t think of a fraternity that would write about sandra bullock in such great detail.)

  2. araymondjohnson permalink
    April 9, 2010 12:34 am

    @msjacks : I don’t mind being in a sorority if I get to hang out with The House Bunny.

    @snarky : this post gave me chills. let’s give it up for ourselves!

  3. April 9, 2010 12:38 am

    @raybear – HA. I almost called it that! I also almost called it, “The Blog Post That Celebrates Itself”.

    well, maybe for the 200th, which according to my calculations should happen in about an hour.

  4. April 9, 2010 9:11 am

    I’ve really been enjoying all the posts, even (especially?) on topics about which I’d normally give less than a rat’s ass. You really fire my imagination!

  5. tony permalink
    April 9, 2010 11:35 am

    awww. I can say I knew you when!

  6. jay permalink
    April 9, 2010 1:31 pm

    strap-on.argh lives.

  7. April 9, 2010 3:24 pm

    This is the gig that launched a 1,000 “Will you do a zine with me?” pitches.

    Seriously though, as Rene Ricard said, “When I speak, nobody believes me, but when I write it down, everybody knows it to be truth.”

    Before this people just sorta let me foam at the mouth and then pat me on the head when I would bitch about the state of writing in Modern Painter, or wax poetic about ABBA’s final album. Now, they turn down the iPod and listen. It’s weird. Thanks, Snarky for giving me the opportunity to tag along. This group is truly awesome. You all inspire me to step up my game, work harder, and write better.

    White Russians and sarsaparillas all around!

  8. msjacks permalink
    April 10, 2010 10:01 am


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