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Jupiter’s C–k

April 1, 2010

Starz TV has found itself a water cooler winner in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, while I have not yet seen the show, the mere fact I know of its existence is HUGE. Especially since Tom Fontana, David Chase or Paul Attanasio have nothing to do with it. The show boasts a solid cast of “Hey, it’s that guy/gal!” actors including: John Hannah, Andy Whitfield, Lucy Lawless and Peter Mensah.

I am trying to reserve judgment, but seeing a greezy brother in the promo pics does not bode well for the show.

I have a lot on my plate in terms of show surfing (ensuring I can get piggity paid) so I’m gonna have to table the show for now. But you brave souls can watch the first two episodes right on here!

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  1. tony permalink
    April 1, 2010 4:50 pm

    you should totally watch the first few episodes – if you have netflix you can stream them on demand! it should really be called “spartacus: outrageous blood splatters, titties, and naked dudes fighting” though.

  2. April 1, 2010 4:57 pm

    I do indeed have Netflix. If I can tear myself away from X-files and various other projects like my real job and Homicide: Life on the Street I will probably check it out. It sounds like Caligula meets Dynasty.

  3. evmaroon permalink
    April 1, 2010 7:13 pm

    I just wonder how they cast that actor with the repeated frontal nudity. “Must be very muscular, early 30s, Mediterranean-looking, and not have a very jiggly package.”

  4. msjacks permalink
    April 1, 2010 9:14 pm

    XENA! I wanna see this show so bad and I’m glad I can check it out on Netflix; I didn’t know that! They also have season 1 of “Party Down”, which I’m dying to check out because the creator is the same guy behind one of my all-time favorite shows, “Veronica Mars”.


  5. evmaroon permalink
    April 1, 2010 9:38 pm

    I decided a few years ago that I had missed out on a cultural cornerstone by never having seen Xena: Warrior Princess, and so I went through the first four seasons on Netflix. I didn’t want to see her die at the end of the series, though, so I haven’t watched the rest. Like holding on the image of the car as it hurls off the cliff in Thelma & Louise, I want to pretend she flies into the sky for forever.

  6. April 2, 2010 7:18 am

    Watching Xena is great for simulating the kind of combined fear and titillation of the sort I used to get by attending a Heart concert.

  7. April 2, 2010 5:57 pm

    I love Party Down. I am happy to report it was picked up for another season. Never could get into Veronica Mars though.

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